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Christmas Bowl Badge Day - Thank You Morning Tea

Thursday 11 February 2010 (10.30am)

A very special "thank you" to all who collected for the annual Christmas Bowl Badge Day last year.... people from parishes, schools, children, adults... in the city, suburbs and country.  Your quiet presence and gracious solidarity with people living in oppression, poverty and injustice is an inspiration to us all.

If you have some interesting stories you would like to share with others about your experiences on Badge Day please bring them along with you.

We would love to see as many as possible there on the 11th, to be able to say "thank you".

RSVP Tuesday 9 February 2010

Venue of Event:

Pilgrim Church Hall Flinders Street, Adelaide

For more information contact:

The South Australian Council of Churches Inc. (SACC)
65 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
Phone: (08) 8215 0300
Fax: (08) 8215 0366
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