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SACC General Meeting

Saturday 20 March 2010 (9am - 12.30pm (registration from 8.30am))
SA Council of Churches invites you to come along to its General Meeting on Saturday 20 March and in particular to the session on Receptive Ecumenism. It will take place following morning tea and Rev Dr Denis Edwards will lead us in our consideration. Denis is a priest of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide and teaches theology for Flinders University and the Adelaide College of Divinity. He is an author and international scholar and a member of SACC General Council!
He will take us through the concept of Receptive Ecumenism and lead us into considering what it looks like in our local encounters: what are our stories of the ‘gifts’ we have received, as well as how we can grow our connectedness, our openness, our receptivity …to the gift of our unity in Christ.
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If you’d like to know a little more about Receptive Ecumenism, have a look at the website of Churches Together in England, where Receptive Ecumenism is described as follows: As we engage with people who belong to Churches not our own, we often focus on what gifts our own tradition can add to the ecumenical treasure trove. That's important. But receptive ecumenism goes further. Instead of looking at what we can bring, our strengths, perhaps, it invites us to look at the gifts and strengths of others, to notice what we can learn or receive from them. or go to Receptive Ecumenism - An exchange of gifts
SA Council of Churches also welcomes Observers at its General Meeting, which begins at 9am at above venue.

Venue of Event:

Corner Uniting Church, corner of Oaklands and Diagonal Roads, Warradale


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