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SACC General Meeting

Saturday 9 April 2011

The General Council gathered on 9 April at the Coptic Orthodox Church, Cowandilla. Comments from participants include, “I really appreciated the beautiful singing in the Church by the children”, “generous hospitality from the church community - food, venue, gift of a Prayer Book”,  “a stimulating agenda, and time to talk/mingle”, “great participation by young people - at the meeting and in the Museum/Gallery”, “inspirational presentations by Bek Christensen, Peter Lockwood and Lorna Hallahan”.

The talks by Peter and Lorna were entitled The holiness and the dignity of the human person and offered us further insights into Receptive Ecumenism and how we can develop our love for the “presence and action of God in the people, practices, even structures of another tradition”.  For copies please download here.

Lorna Hallahan

Peter Lockwood

Venue of Event:

St Mary and St Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church 18-20 Goldfinch Ave, Cowandilla

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