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Earth Mission: A Conversation

Tuesday 15 May 2012 (10.30am-12.30pm)

The National Council of Churches of Australia (NCCA) has established an Eco-Mission Project. The purpose of the project is to test the feasibility of creating a network among the churches of Australia that would focus on our mission to Earth. To initiate this process, we are inviting you to join us for a conversation about Earth Mission and how it might become a vital part of the ministry of our churches in South Australia.

As you join us for this conversation, we will begin by asking each other the following questions:

  1. What, from your perspective, is Earth Mission or Earth Care?
  2. Why is Earth Mission important in our current environment?
  3. What do you consider the basis for a mission to Earth?
  4. What do you believe is the goal of an Earth Mission?
  5. What might inspire churches to become involved in this mission?
  6. What are some key ways churches may be part of this mission?
  7. What are some examples of Earth Mission that ought to be included in an Australian Earth Mission network?

All those interested are cordially invited.  Norman Habel will lead the conversation on behalf of NCCA. It is hoped that your contributions to the conversation will help in promoting an Earth Mission network in South Australia and then more broadly throughout Australia.

Venue of Event:

St Stephens Lutheran Church Hall, 152 Wakefield St, Adelaide


RSVPs to Geraldine Hawkes, SA Council of Churches - Phone: 8215 0300. Email: