Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the Committee of Management of SACC.  Its powers, duties and composition are described in Clause 6 of the Constitution of The SA Council of Churches Inc.

Each Member Church may appoint one representative to the Executive Committee.

Appointments will be generally for a two year term with a possible extension of two years.

Executive Members:

Rev Rob Williams       Ecumenical Delegate till 2017 AGM/ President to AGM 2017
Rev John Littleton      Ecumenical Delegate till 2018 AGM/ Vice President to AGM 2017
Ms Marie Loller          Catholic/ Vice President to AGM 2017
Mr Peter Burke          Anglican
Ms Jill Gallio              Catholic
Ms Ngaire Llewellyn   Churches of Christ
Ms Amy Mikhail         Coptic Orthodox
Vacancy                    Ethiopian Orthodox
Fr John Psalios          Greek Orthodox
Mr Gilbert Materne     Lutheran
Vacancy                    Religious Society of Friends
Vacancy                    Romanian Orthodox
Vacancy                    Salvation Army
Vacancy                    Uniting
Mr Neil Traeger         Treasurer (appointed by SACC Exec to 2017 AGM)