General Council & Committees

Appointments to SA Council of Churches: Q&A and Constitution

Why do we have a Council of Churches in South Australia? What is the current focus for SACC? What is the purpose of General Council?  What can newly appointed members expect to assist them in participating and in fulfilling their role meaningfully? And more!
Q & A

Review of General Council

June 2016

The aim of the review is to learn more about the ways in which the relationship of General Council to the Member Churches is meaningful and discover any new possibilities which exist for the churches on their journey together through General Council.

All who have been appointed by their Churches as well as friends on the journey are invited to respond.  You may find the Q & A at least of interest/help by way of background to SACC General Council.
Guiding Questions and Q&A

Focus 2016-2018

Since being [re]formed in 2008, each of the three SACC Standing Committees have continued to change focus, energy and vision on account of various factors.  Earlier this year, each committee, in consultation with the Executive Committee, considered the direction of their responsibility for the various Priorities, with reference to 2015 Onwards, to which many people contributed last year.

The result is a description of key focal areas and relationships for 2016-2018, plus a new name for each of the three Standing Committees:

Community for Ecumenical Learning
Community for Local Ecumenism
Ecumenical Partners for Justice and Peace

People are also appointed by the Member Churches to various standing committees, whose focus is especially on one or more of the Priorities as described in 2015 Onwards
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